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About practice «International Tax and Law»

The competitive advantage of the practice area is its deep expertise and practical experience in the establishment of business structures in Europe, Asia, and the United States, as well as ensuring the functioning of a foreign structure and addressing all legal and tax issues.
70+ countries where services have been rendered and projects have been implemented
850+ international transactions concluded
1,000+ registered foreign companies
100+ foreign banks with which accounts were opened for companies and individuals
Development and implementation of foreign business structures always takes into account the interests of the owner of the business and his or her personal goals for the use of accumulated capital. Working with multi-level holdings and complex investment structures is our daily challenge. We supported the development of foreign trade contracts with the world's largest manufacturers of various goods from the first meeting to the signing of all legally binding documents.


Russia's Leading Companies, Tax Consulting Services – Group III

Russia's Leading Companies, Corporate Law/M&A – Group IV


Russia's leading companies in the following categories:

Trade and retail, FMCG: Advising retail and FMCG leaders

Tax law: Advising on tax law – Band 1


Aleksander Lemchik, Tax Law

Advising on tax and currency legislation
Redomiciliation. Establishment of international companies
Comprehensive support for business abroad: Europe, Asia, USA
Diagnosis of tax risks of business structures with foreign participation
Support of Foreign Trade
Creation of holding, investment, and trading business structures
Structuring a business abroad