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The Tax Disputes practice area performs the entire range of work for protecting clients' rights. The practice area experts support all types of tax audits, defend clients' rights at all levels of jurisdiction up to the Supreme Court, and participate in both pre-trial and court disputes.
The objective of the practice area is to defend clients in difficult situations. All tasks related to tax administration are solved competently, efficiently, and at a high level of quality, and each project is brought to its logical conclusion.

Services of the practice area are used by both companies and professional clients, i.e. legal departments and financial services of companies that are well versed in many issues. But tax legislation is constantly and rapidly improving, and the rules of tax administration change annually.

The advantage of the Tax Disputes practice area is extensive practical experience in resolving various cases of different types of complexity in different business sectors in different regions with different tax inspectorates. Because of this, the experts in the practice area are constantly seeing trends in tax administration and new approaches of tax authorities to tax administration. The company's experts use the ever-changing "language of the tax authorities" to solve clients' problems.

An important aspect of the practice area is the implementation of a tax risk security system to help avoid problems related to tax administration. After building such a system, the likelihood of clients being hit by an on-site tax audit is minimized. Not long ago, implementing a tax risk security system was not mandatory for companies. After the release of the Federal Tax Service letter, taxpayers are practically obliged to implement a tax risk security system. The tax authorities have essentially established new rules by which businesses must act. If a company does not comply with them and does not create a tax risk security system, it essentially falls into the risk zone and, as a consequence, is included in the plan of field tax audits with the associated consequences.
The current portfolio of cases amounts to over 17,000,000,000 rubles.
250+ completed projects
We support the most complex issues arising in tax disputes in the Russian Federation
Aleksander Lemchik is a Member of the Committee on Tax Policy of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs


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Representation of client's interests in a court dispute with tax authorities — a set of measures aimed at protecting the client in a court dispute with tax authorities in courts of all levels of jursidiction.
Preparing objections to an audit report and an appeal against a decision of the tax authority. A set of measures aimed at protecting the client in a dispute with the tax authority
Tax risk diagnostics is a set of measures aimed at identifying the current tax risks of the client on the basis of documents, information, and business processes of the organization.
Support for a field tax audit — a set of measures aimed at protecting the client during a field tax audit.