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About practice «Tax Consulting»

The Tax Consulting Practice Area Team focuses on complex tax and customs issues, including the search for tax reserves, transfer pricing issues, and a variety of other corporate taxation issues, including those involving foreign factors.

Our experts have extensive experience advising medium and large businesses on tax and customs issues. During this time, we have gained extensive experience advising clients from a wide range of industries, including retail, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap recycling, real estate development, shipping and air transport, chemical industry, and so on.

With our knowledge and experience in tax and customs consulting, we are willing and able to help you in resolving your problems.

Practice Area Team Advantages

  • In-depth critical analysis is required because not all correct conclusions are obvious. We have firsthand knowledge of this. As a result, we get to the heart of the client's problem in our work and apply the legal reality to it after thoroughly researching the facts.
  • Susceptibility to change – tax legislation is one of Russia's most frequently changed areas of legislation, so our team members have to respond quickly to these changes.
  • Customer focus – we believe that the service should be beneficial to the client and that the client's expectations should always be met. That is why, in our work, we demonstrate genuine concern for our clients, relying on their complete satisfaction with our services.
  • Professionalism – our team not only has extensive knowledge and experience in tax law but also understands the nuances of effective tax negotiations.

Ratings of the Practice Area


Russia's Leading Companies, Tax Consulting Services – Group III
Russia's Leading Companies, Corporate Law/M&A – Group IV

Russia's leading companies in the following categories:
Trade and retail, FMCG: Advising retail and FMCG leaders
Tax law: Advising on tax law – Band 1

Aleksander Lemchik, Tax Law
Aleksander Belyaev, Tax Law

Successful Projects:

Saved RUB 2.5 billion
Development of the tax aspects of JAMILCO investment projects
Saved RUB 370 million
Comprehensive support of the VAT refund related to the Decathlon construction project
Saved > RUB 30 billion
Development of a tax accounting model for operations related to the construction of a gas transportation system
Saved > RUB 5 billion
Development of a tax and accounting model for operations under a concession agreement
Tax Consulting Services
Consulting and Development of Tax Models for Investment Projects
Tax Diagnostics and Building Intra-group Relationships
Support of the VAT Refund Procedure
Customs Regulation
Marketing Policy Development
Tax Health Check
Searching for Tax Reserves
Excluding a Real Estate Object from the Real Estate Object List Based on Cadastral Value
Tax Due Diligence
Tax Support of M&A Transactions
Transfer Pricing