About practice «Litigation»

The Dispute Resolution practice area's team of litigators is one of the leaders in the litigation consulting market.
500+ court disputes in the past 3 years
According to the litigation market research of, our WINRATE is equal to 88.3%»
About 15% of disputes are resolved at the pre-trial stage due to the professionalism of the team
Over RUB 7 billion in assets were protected

For several years in a row, the practice area has been recommended by leading national professional directories such as Pravo-300 and Kommersant.

Our multidisciplinary team includes the strongest specialists not only in commercial litigation, but also in highly specialized disputes, such as corporate, customs, antitrust, tax, and intellectual property rights disputes.

Lawyers of the practice area take an active part in public events and cooperate with leading law schools (HSE, Russian School for Private Law, RANEPA); they conduct conferences, master classes, and mentoring. Participation as arbitrators in Moot Courts (V. P. Mozolin Student Arbitration Competition, RANEPA Russian Legal Tournament).

The practice area is managed by litigators with 10 years of experience, Artyom Rubanov and Kirill Ponasyuk, who have significant experience in comprehensive legal support of projects and conducting legal due diligence, which provides clients with an integrated service for managing the process of restoration and protection of their rights.

Successful experience in dispute support and negotiation has allowed us to create effective approaches and methods for comprehensive protection of clients' interests in arbitration courts, commercial arbitration, and courts of general jurisdiction, as well as out of court.


Pravo-300 rating:

  • Leading Russian companies in Arbitration (mid-market) - Group III

Rating of litigators:

  • 2nd place in the Russian Federation in terms of performance in court: WINRATE 88.3%;
  • Leading Russian companies in economic disputes (with 30 or more cases and an average claim amount over 50 million rubles) - Group III


Russia's leading companies in the following categories:

Russian Arbitration: Resolution of mid-market commercial disputes - Band 1


Kirill Ponasyuk in Litigation

Practice area in numbers:

  • 500+ court disputes in the past 3 years
  • Over 90% of cases resolved in favor of the client
  • 3 lawyers usually work on a project (litigation)
  • More than 7 billion rubles in total value of clients' protected assets for 2020
  • NPS on projects over 9 points for 2020
  • CSI on projects over 8 points for 2020

Our approach:

We offer our clients solutions to achieve business results: not only representation in court, but also out-of-court settlement, if necessary, assistance in arranging for the effective execution of judgments, and initiation of criminal cases.
We use innovative work tools:
  • Modeling the prospect of litigation, developing roadmaps.
  • Stress testing of the procedural position.
  • Conducting test and improvised processes with external arbitrators.
  • Modern LegalTech solutions are used.
  • Regular training is organized for the practice team in order to improve the effectiveness of each employee. Senior employees provide coaching/mentoring to employees in terms of reviewing current work, giving feedback, and monitoring the application of recommendations and skills learned.
  • The practice regularly monitors and evaluates the implementation of assigned tasks, the achievement of set plans, and project management.

What we do:

We use innovative work tools:
  • Preliminary analysis of the dispute: modeling the development and outcome of the litigation, mitigation, identifying and assessing possible risks, stress testing of positions, preparing a comprehensive report with recommendations, and conducting an improvised process.
  • Pre-trial stage of dispute resolution, negotiations.
  • Trial in courts of the first instance, courts of appeal, courts of cassation, and the Economic Panel of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.
  • Arbitration, commercial arbitration.
  • Support of enforcement proceedings, including recognition and enforcement of judgments of foreign courts and international commercial arbitrations.

The process is as important as the result

  • Analysis of the actual circumstances of the problem situation and the documents submitted to clarify the goal of the client to be achieved
  • Development of a legal position and correlation of the desired result and the mechanism for achieving it
  • Drawing up a roadmap of the project, collecting evidence in the case, sending attorney requests for filing statements and appeals, obtaining the necessary documents, conducting out-of-court research, and preparing and sending pre-trial claims from LKP in the interests of the client
  • Participation in pre-trial negotiations with the client's counterparty
  • Representing clients in court (at all levels of jurisdiction)
  • Obtaining a final court decision
  • Enforcement of the court decision
  • Results
Protection of interests in disputes arising from failure to fulfill contractual obligations
Disputes in the field of IT and use of software
Disputes aimed at protecting title and other rights to real estate
Bank disputes
Corporate disputes
Construction disputes