About company

Lemchik, Krupsky & Partners is a professional team of corporate lawyers, tax consultants, and attorneys that has been providing services in tax consulting, support of bankruptcy procedures, business structuring in Russia and abroad, resolution of tax, commercial, corporate, and labor disputes, and M&A transaction support for many years.

Over 13 years in the legal business, we have developed a clear methodology for project implementation and accumulated the necessary experience and in-depth knowledge to implement the most complex tasks of our clients.

Professional values

Confidence of our clients in the future
The key to the stable development of business is its functioning in accordance with the legislation of Russia (or foreign countries), provided that its owners understand the possible civil, tax, and corporate risks. The purpose of our Company: to develop a legal and tax model of financial and economic activity which will make it possible to avoid violations of the law and at the same time to achieve the desired effect of the Client in its further development.

Finding the best solutions
During preliminary negotiations, advisors pay special attention to clarifying the Client's requirements and the specifics of its scope of activities. Our main objective is to ensure that the proposed solutions not only take into account the provisions of legislation and its practical application, but also meet the needs of the Client.

Accuracy and completeness of approach
We realize the importance of our advice. Legal opinions are prepared by advisors based on comprehensive and detailed analysis of the provisions of the legislation governing the legal relations under consideration, existing judicial practice, official explanations of the competent authorities, and the experience of implementing numerous projects.

Practicality of the proposed solutions
In most cases we implement our recommendations, register companies in Russia and abroad, and provide post-project advice to clients as part of projects for the development of legal business structures. In advising on tax issues, we always focus on judicial and law enforcement practice, and in the absence of such practice, we make inquiries to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. This approach to achieving the set objectives allows us to make our advice as effective and useful for our clients as possible.

Our Clients entrust us with information about their existing business, the tax planning methods used, and the Company's internal structure and information about planned transactions and projects. Non-disclosure of the received data is one of the fundamental principles of our work. In this regard, any information received from the client is deemed confidential and we do our best to preserve client confidentiality and the fiduciary nature of the relationship.

Uniqueness of each client
Each project we implement is unique. Before making a recommendation, we conduct a thorough analysis and identify the specifics of the client's business. We prefer to assign specialists to projects who have experience in advising in this particular area of business. The ability to accurately identify current needs and work strictly according to the objectives in order to fully respect the interests of customers is the advantage of cooperation with us.

Practices and services

We have 10 legal practices. Each practice is an effective team lead by assosiates with long-term experience.
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Resolution of commercial, corporate, customs, antimonopoly judicial disputes, as well as disputes on the protection of intellectual property rights.
Digital and IT Law
Legal consulting and support of IT and digital projects.
Tax Consulting
Solutions in the field of optimization and tax planning, tax planning of transactions, transfer pricing.
Antitrust Law and Government Contracts
Representation of clients' interests in antimonopoly authorities and courts in cases of unfair competition, monopolistic activity, false advertising and cases under procurement legislation.
Insolvency and Reorganization law
Comprehensive support of bankruptcy procedures. The practice is engaged not only in legal and judicial work, but is also ready to fully exercise anti-crisis measures, including conduct the financial analysis of the debtor's condition, perform tasks on inventory of assets and their subsequent sale, and perform functions for managing the debtor's enterprise.
Tax controversy
Comprehensive protection of companies during tax audits and diagnostics of tax risks.
Structural consulting
Execution of complex projects for structuring groups of companies.
Comprehensive legal and tax support of M&A transactions, transactions of alienation of any business assets, establishment of joint ventures, development and implementation of corporate ownership and management structures.
International Tax and Law
Development and implementation of foreign business structures. Work with multi-level holdings and complex investment structures. Development of foreign economic activity contracts.
Intellectual Property Law. Labor relations and disputes
Resolving conflicts with employees. Implementation of personnel document management. Protection against "intellectual" raiding (takeover).

Family Law
Legal assistance in negotiating the terms of marriage contracts and alimony agreements, in resolving complex family disputes about the upbringing of children and the division of property.