Alexander Belyaev

Deputy Head of Structure and Tax Consulting
Legal work experience
more than 8 years

Graduate from Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University (ex. Kazan State University named after Ulyanova-Lenin), Law Faculty.

Alexander passed the professional development program on taxes and duties in the Chamber of Tax Advisers. Certified tax adviser.


•   Advising on complex multiple issues of Russian taxation, including with the participation of foreign elements

•   Transformation of individual elements of the legal structure of Russian and international holdings

•   Tax Due Diligence and tax structuring of transactions

•   Increase of tax efficiency (search for tax reserves)

•   Support of tax control measures

Alexander joined LKP from KPMG, where he has been specializing in tax consulting and tax dispute resolution for the past few years.

Alexander's portfolio includes participation in projects for Russian Railways, VEB-leasing, Michelin, Efes, Merc Farma, Philip Morris, Paul Hartmann, Amandus Kahl, ER-Telecom, Tolyattiazot, EuroChem, Rosseti Center, etc.

Alexander's experience on some of the latest projects includes:

•   refund of VAT overpayment in the amount of 1.7 billion rubles out of court for one of the developers of Moscow City;

•   advising the largest Russian energy company on the issue of tax accounting of operations within the framework of the long-term state energy service contract concluded by such company;

•   advising one of the Russian subsidiaries of the largest Russian car dealer on possible risks associated with the conclusion of the loan agreement in the amount of 20 million USD with the State Bank of Japan;

•   support of the on-site tax audit of the Russian subsidiary of one of the world's largest tire manufacturers for an episode of intra-group services totaling more than 2 billion rubles;

•   support of the on-site tax audit of the major Russian telecommunications company for the episode related to the actual right to income (application of the cross-cutting approach during the audit).

•   advising the general contractor on tax aspects of the construction of Russia's largest main gas pipeline


  • Alexander is in the list of leading lawyers in Russia in the Tax Law category according to the international rating Best Lawyers 2022