Liudmila Kruglova

Head of Structure and Tax Consulting
Legal work experience
since 2003
  • Tula State University, Law Faculty, civil law specialization. Diploma with honors.
  • Tula State University, Center for continuing education, specialization "accounting and audit".

Project legal and tax consulting, including:
  • Diagnostics of the business structure of clients in various sectors for the presence of tax, property, corporate, civil and other risks, development of recommendations to reduce the identified risks;
  • Development of models of the updated legal business structure that meet the tasks of the particular business, including: ensuring the security of companies and their owners, reducing tax, property and other risks, improving financial efficiency and manageability, scaling, increasing investment opportunities, etc.; including the development of models with the foreign element: setting up foreign economic operations, development of holding structures with participation of foreign companies and individuals;
  • The installation at all stages of recommendations for updating of the business structure, setting up the separate business processes, including through the development of necessary documents and representing clients in state authorities, etc.;
  • Advising on various legal matters relating to companies and entrepreneurs, the contractual relationship concerning the tax risks of the companies, entrepreneurs and individuals;
  • Development of draft legal documents (agreements, regulations, etc.) formalizing both standard and non-standard business processes within the framework of activities in various sectors;
  • Participation in tax disputes, protection of clients' interests during on-site tax audits, as well as at the stage of appealing the results of tax audits.
Field experience:

Lyudmila's portfolio includes project management for companies (holdings):

Retail, trade: Dochki-Synochki, Gulliver, Snow Queen, Baon, TV channel Juvelirochka, GK Dyatkovo, Porcelain House, Galamart, Yves-Rosher, Williams Et Oliver, Petrovsky Car Center, SK Kant, Soyuz-M, Buromebelrus, Biocodex, Levenguk.

Services: Like-center, Business club Atlanty, Business club Sberbank-First (First Club), City Sighseeing, Accordpost, Redday, Capybara.

Production: Europlast, Sostra (Sensoy), Agroholding Poisk, Artplast.

Construction: ABZ-Dorstroy, Barkley, GlavStroyEngineering.


Lyudmila's experience on some of the projects includes:

Identification of tax risks totaling more than 10 billion rubles within the framework of diagnostics of the current structure of the client's business. Development of the updated model of the structure, which allows to reduce the risk of bringing the companies of the holding to the liability for episodes formed in the past, and also allows to exclude the formation of similar risks in the future.

Advising the client on reducing tax and other risks (the amount of potential risks is more than 2 billion rubles) as part of the execution of the agreement to get the third-party investor.

Development of the updated model of the activities of the large trading holding, with the inclusion of franchise elements in the structure, the streamlining of the corporate structure, the management structure of the holding.

Development of a roadmap for the protection of business assets (with the total value of more than 5 billion rubles) belonging to the large manufacturing holding.

Development of the roadmap for the protection of personal assets of owners of the large production and trading network.


Author of publications on legal issues and taxation issues in specialized media.

Speaker / moderator of specialized conferences, webinars, seminars, Business breakfasts.