Elena Samysheva

Lead associate of M&A practice
Legal work experience
5 years
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University with the degree Jurisprudence (Bachelor's degree - 2017, Master's degree - 2019)
  • Elena completed the professional development program Structuring the purchase and sale of shares (participation interest in LLC) and shareholders agreements under Russian law.
  • Establishment and support of joint ventures;
  • Drafting and negotiation of shareholders agreements between partners and with participation of the investor, options for conclusion of agreements, etc.

  • Participation in Due Diligence;

  • Support of M&A transactions, development of transaction's structure and negotiation of documents under transaction;

  • Support of corporate procedures and activities (Board meetings, general meeting of participants/shareholders, etc.);

  • Consulting on corporate law issues.

Elena participated in a number of projects, including:

• Support of the business acquisition transaction (the large cosmetic company) at all stages (Due Diligence, structuring of the transaction, obtaining the consent of the FAS of Russia, drafting legally binding documents, etc.);

• Support of the transaction for the exit of one of the business partners (distribution and wholesale of children goods and toys) in the terms of the corporate conflict. The project included, among other things, the development of the structure of the transaction, the perimeter of which included 4 joint companies, the drafting of documents on the transaction and participation in negotiations with the other side of the conflict;

• Support of the transaction for investing 1.4 billion rubles in the construction of the warehouse in Moscow (structuring the transaction taking into account the protection of the investor's interests, drafting documents, development and approval of security agreements);

• Consulting within the framework of the investment transaction in the startup (developments in the field of automation of medical services). The work on the project included the development of the memorandum of understanding, the shareholders agreement and the charter of the company on the basis of which the project was implemented, in order to protect the interests of the investor;

• Legal support of the group of companies with an annual turnover of more than 16 billion rubles, which has the corporate conflict between its shareholders, throughout the year (work on the project included support for the change of top management, resolution of controversial legal issues, support in holding meetings of management bodies, interaction with regulatory authorities, etc.)